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Gardening day

I had yesterday and today off, so I got to do a little more work on my garden. Everything’s growing really well, except one green pepper plant that got too damaged in the wind. I picked up a three pack of replacement green peppers when I got more potting soil.The peas are flourishing! I had to move half of them to another container. I didn’t expect them to all grow so well.

I moved the lettuce from the egg cartons to little pots. I’m not sure how well they’re going to survive the trip. I only used half of my seeds to start with, so even if none of them make it, I can start over. I read that you can stagger your planting times with the lettuce so you have a continuous supply, so that’s my plan.

Next on the agenda is to build a trellis for my awesome pea plants. I didn’t really know about their need to climb, so hopefully it’s not too late. I read an article about building a trellis out of branches and string, so now I just need to hunt for some downed branches!

I’m continuously amazed at my little plants. I had very low expectations going into this little gardening adventure, but so far so good!


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My veggie garden

I decided last year that I really wanted a vegetable garden, but never really got around to getting it going (That whole being enormously pregnant thing combined with the brand new baby sort of had my schedule pretty full).

I did a little research and figured out some plants that should be successful in containers since we don’t have exclusive use of our yard. I picked up seeds for romaine lettuce and shelling peas, two bell pepper plants and a jalapeno plant. I’m planning to get some herb plants from the farmers’ market this weekend – probably basil, chives, cilantro, rosemary and maybe parsley. I was thinking about tomatoes, but since Brice and I both hate raw tomatoes, and the only things I’d use them for are salsa and marinara, I decided to skip them this year. I’ll just pick up a couple of tomatoes later in the summer to make salsa with my own peppers and cilantro!

My biggest challenge is probably going to be remembering to water everything. Brice is ready to help remind me every morning, but it’s going to take some time to make it part of my routine.

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