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Brat Fest

Memorial Day weekend in Madison means one thing – Brat Fest!! Last year I was quite pregnant with Harrison and bought a onsie planning to put my future baby in it 12 months later. I’m so glad I planned ahead!

(Oh yeah, Emily and Kyle came to visit! I didn’t get a chance to see them since I was at work, but they got to play with Harrison.)

The three of us went Friday for dinner. The Hippo ate a half of Boca brat himself. He tried a little sauerkraut, but it’s definitely NOT one of his favorites.

We got to hear an amazing young musician. Scotty Fish is quite a talented guy and he can’t be more than 13 or 14 years old.

Harrison got to meet local news anchor Susan Siman from Channel 3. She was our celebrity cashier and she was smitten with the Hippo.

H and I went again tonight for dinner. (Brice had to work, but he got a leftover brat in the fridge.) We had to do our part to beat the record!


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Mommy Lunch

Harrison and I went to The Delafield Brewhaus today for a Mommy Lunch today. We were celebrating my friends Sheila’s and Jessica‘s babies!

We had some delicious food (and I had a delicious beer – definitely recommend the Bock) and great company. I always have a fun time when I get together with this group of ladies.

Jessie took some adorable pictures of Harrison – who was a complete ham! He was posing and smiling almost the whole time.

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Meal Time

Meals with Harrison are always an adventure. We never know if he’s going to hate something so much he won’t open his mouth (pureed squash) or if he’s going to love something so much he bangs on the high chair while we frantically load up the spoon with more (avocado or pumpkin). 

I went out on a limb today and let him try something new – mostly because I needed to occupy him while I made myself eggs, but also because I wanted to give him a little practice with his TWO brand spankin new teeth! He got two sticks of toast with some smashed avocado smeared on them. I let him feed himself and he had a blast!

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