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Harrison’s first birthday party was a success! I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. There is a lot of pressure for a perfect 1st birthday party.

We decided on a pirate’s treasure theme to incorporate his golden birthday in there. I googled and researched and practiced and made a really awesome treasure chest birthday cake. Brice’s dad, Bill, made an amazing nearly life-sized ship. Both of Brice’s parents helped us prepare a ton of food. It was so fun to celebrate with lots of our friends and family.

Harrison was a little tentative with his birthday cake, but he eventually dove in. He had a blast opening gifts, too. He didn’t understand why as soon as he had finally gotten one open and found out what was inside, I took it away and made him open another one. He just wanted to start playing!


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(I’m so behind! There are going to be some catch up posts coming up)

We went to Brookfield for Father’s Day weekend to celebrate my step father, Paul’s, 60th birthday. It was a rare opportunity to get all 7 of the kids together. Paul’s brothers and sisters all came to Wisconsin for the party, too.

My step-brother-in-law is a very talented photographer and got some great shots of Harrison and the whole family. I can’t wait to see them!

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Brice and I were trying to think of some fun, new stuff to do outside this summer that Harrison could be involved with and didn’t cost a lot of money. We had two days off together last week, no major plans, and beautiful weather so we decided to try Geocaching.

 In case you’ve never heard of it, Geocaching is basically a world-wide scavenger hunt. People place caches around the world and post the exact coordinates of the cache online. Then other people (like us) look up the coordinates of caches near where we want to be, enter them into our GPS unit, and go find them! We’ve found 4 so far, and looked for another but couldn’t find it. Once you get to the location, you have to really start hunting. Two of the ones we’ve found were in a 35mm film canister; the other two were a little bigger.

When we went to the first location, we didn’t really know what we were doing. We got pretty frustrated. We went to the next one, since it was only a few hundred feet away. We found that one in only a few minutes and the sense of accomplishment was pretty sweet! It definitely gave us the confidence to go back to the first location and try again. It’s pretty addicting, actually. As soon as you find one, you just want to look up another cache and try again.

I’ve already looked up caches in Brookfield and near Pine Lake. Don’t worry, family, you can come, too!

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I got a little distracted there with the holiday. Let’s catch up, shall we?

We went to Brookfield for Easter weekend to celebrate with the Hartke/Sturino family. Tom and Mary Leigh came down from La Crosse, Tony came out from Milwaukee (tough trip, right?), and Emily flew in from Florida. It was nice to get everyone together for a little while. We packed a lot into the weekend! I got to catch up with my best bud Mandy, try on the bridesmaid dress Emily picked for her wedding this October, push Harrison on the swings at his Grandma and Grandpa’s…. and had a couple cocktails among adults. That’s always a plus! Harrison got to dye Easter eggs and find the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid. He even got a basket of goodies from the Easter Bunny!

Harrison was definitely the cutest kid in church Sunday morning. He loves the music at church, but isn’t really a fan of sitting still. I ended up in the back walking with him through the sermon. It was especially nice to get to see my church family that I don’t see often enough. We’re starting the countdown to Pine Lake already!! (2 months, 3 weeks, 6 days from right now as I type!)

After brunch, we headed out to Brice’s parents so Harrison could see his Grandma and Grandpa Hoover. He took a spin on the 4-wheeler, showed off his piano skills, and picked some daffodils.

As usual, an exhausting whirlwind of a weekend to celebrate a holiday! We were all thrilled to get home Sunday night. Harrison stayed up late playing with us and the cats ran around like crazy chasing toys and each other. It’s always nice to see the family, but it’s even better to come back home to our family of 3!

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