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He can’t get to the cats…

Harrison hasn’t mastered crawling quite yet. He can “roll with a purpose” and he scoots backwards pretty effectively. Tonight he even managed a little army crawl!

I’ll tell ya, this kid is smart! He loves the cats. LOVES! He also knows the cats love feather sticks. Well, what’s a baby to do when he wants to pet the kitties but isn’t mobile enough to chase them?

That’s right –¬† grabbed the feather stick and lured the cats over to himself¬†to pet them! I’m not sure if I should be proud or scared! (it’s a little of both)


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He’s a cat person

In the past few weeks Harrison discovered the cats. He’ll stop eating to watch them walk by, he’ll reach for them if they get close, and if one of them stops and looks at him he just BEAMS!

Cole could take him or leave him. He’s our most independent cat. When we adopted him from the Humane Society, the volunteers warned us that he’d probably always be more interested in toys than people, and that’s definitely true.

Snoopy is pretty shy. He’ll snuggle in bed with Brice or I, but he’s not a huge fan of strangers – or babies. Harrison can get a quick pet in once in a while, but then Snoop’s gone.

And then there’s Roxy. That girl is such a lover! She will love on anyone. She is a huge fan of the vigorous rubdown. And then she found Harrison. It’s a match made in heaven! She’ll lay down right next to him when he’s playing on the floor and let him grab her fur, snuggle her, and chew her ears. It is just TOO cute!

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