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Since Brice and I met working at a movie theater, a lot of our dates have been movie dates. We used to see every single movie that came through our theater. Once our theater closed, we still went to the movies just about every week. Once Harrison came along, that came to a screeching halt. Until today, we’d seen exactly ONE movie since he was born. We saw Harry Potter in July, and that’s it.

It’s hard to find time together to go, and when we do have time off together, we’d usually rather nap! We also don’t really like to have to get a baby sitter when he’s already in day care a few days a week. Turns out, there’s a perfect solution!

Our local theater has Matinee Movie Magic. They play first run movies at 10am on Tuesday mornings especially for parents! Babies are welcome, so we don’t even need a sitter. We saw Iron Man 2 today. Harrison got a little restless, so we took turns holding him and walking near the door. There were at least 4 or 5 other babies in our theater, and several others in the other shows. They all took turns getting fussy, so no one needed to feel bad. We brought some puffs and I nursed him in the theater. I’d heard that going to the movies with a little baby was a good place to try nursing in public, and I totally agree. It’s pretty dark and everyone has something else to pay attention to!  No need for a cover or anything. It’s also a really good way to keep the baby quiet when he’s getting crabby.  About halfway through the show, Harrison fell asleep in Brice’s arms and slept until the credits rolled. I’m not sure if I’d recommend Iron Man, but I definitely recommend the baby friendly movie showing.


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9 Months!

How is my baby 9 months old?!

Harrison had his 9 month well-baby check up on Tuesday. The only problem was that he got his first fever during the night before it, so he wasn’t such a “well baby”. Since he wasn’t due for any immunizations, they decided not to reschedule and had him come in anyway.

He is still the picture of health. Even with a 102 degree fever and pure misery, he is a very healthy little guy. Let me emphasize little. He’s just 17lb 4oz at 9 months which puts him at the 6th percentile. The doctor isn’t concerned in the slightest even when I expressed a little worry over his teeny build. I also had him confirm that Harrison does NOT, in fact, have a hollow leg. He just eats and eats and eats but doesn’t gain very much. He’s 28 inches in length, which is the 39th percentile. He slipped a little more in height than in weight this time, but his pediatrician reminded me that at this wiggly age, length is the least accurate measurement. He considers it a ball park since it’s almost impossible to get a perfect length measurement on a patient who’s trying to roll/crawl/wiggle away.

He had no signs of an ear infection or respiratory infection, so he thinks the fever is probably just a little virus that will clear up in a couple of days.

In all, it was a good check up. He’s meeting all of the appropriate milestones and really impressed the nurse with his mouth full of teeth. Speaking of teeth, he got his SEVENTH tooth on Wednesday!! He’s got quite the set of chompers in there! The doctor was pretty wow’ed by Harrison’s great ab muscles. He’s a little body builder! Dr Meier was also really glad to see that we only needed to bring him in once over the winter for an unscheduled “sick” visit. He credited my dedication to breastfeeding which absolutely made me swell with pride. I am so glad I’ve been able to persevere through the tough stuff and keep nursing. It’s paying off already!

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Yesterday Governor Doyle signed the Right to Breastfeed Law.


I am so proud that Harrison and I were part of the support that made this happen!

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