Since Brice and I met working at a movie theater, a lot of our dates have been movie dates. We used to see every single movie that came through our theater. Once our theater closed, we still went to the movies just about every week. Once Harrison came along, that came to a screeching halt. Until today, we’d seen exactly ONE movie since he was born. We saw Harry Potter in July, and that’s it.

It’s hard to find time together to go, and when we do have time off together, we’d usually rather nap! We also don’t really like to have to get a baby sitter when he’s already in day care a few days a week. Turns out, there’s a perfect solution!

Our local theater has Matinee Movie Magic. They play first run movies at 10am on Tuesday mornings especially for parents! Babies are welcome, so we don’t even need a sitter. We saw Iron Man 2 today. Harrison got a little restless, so we took turns holding him and walking near the door. There were at least 4 or 5 other babies in our theater, and several others in the other shows. They all took turns getting fussy, so no one needed to feel bad. We brought some puffs and I nursed him in the theater. I’d heard that going to the movies with a little baby was a good place to try nursing in public, and I totally agree. It’s pretty dark and everyone has something else to pay attention to!  No need for a cover or anything. It’s also a really good way to keep the baby quiet when he’s getting crabby.  About halfway through the show, Harrison fell asleep in Brice’s arms and slept until the credits rolled. I’m not sure if I’d recommend Iron Man, but I definitely recommend the baby friendly movie showing.


My veggie garden

I decided last year that I really wanted a vegetable garden, but never really got around to getting it going (That whole being enormously pregnant thing combined with the brand new baby sort of had my schedule pretty full).

I did a little research and figured out some plants that should be successful in containers since we don’t have exclusive use of our yard. I picked up seeds for romaine lettuce and shelling peas, two bell pepper plants and a jalapeno plant. I’m planning to get some herb plants from the farmers’ market this weekend – probably basil, chives, cilantro, rosemary and maybe parsley. I was thinking about tomatoes, but since Brice and I both hate raw tomatoes, and the only things I’d use them for are salsa and marinara, I decided to skip them this year. I’ll just pick up a couple of tomatoes later in the summer to make salsa with my own peppers and cilantro!

My biggest challenge is probably going to be remembering to water everything. Brice is ready to help remind me every morning, but it’s going to take some time to make it part of my routine.

He is moving!

Harrison had a huge leap in mobility in the last week or so. He’s now all out hands-and-knees crawling. He’s pulling up on EVERYTHING, and cruising across the furniture. He has a walker toy with wheels and walks laps around his room as long as I hold on to it and don’t let it slide away too quickly.

I know… I need to get some videos of these new feats, but he’s gotten a little camera-shy. He’ll be crawling/cruising/walking happily, but as soon as I get the video camera ready he plops down and stares at me.

This world of a mobile baby is a pretty big change! He really enjoys pulling on the cables to the TV/laptop/baby monitor, dumping the cats’ water and food dishes, and pulling over garbage cans. A big part of the day has become chasing him around, taking things away and moving him back to his toys. It’s a whole new world of parenting!


Brice and I were trying to think of some fun, new stuff to do outside this summer that Harrison could be involved with and didn’t cost a lot of money. We had two days off together last week, no major plans, and beautiful weather so we decided to try Geocaching.

 In case you’ve never heard of it, Geocaching is basically a world-wide scavenger hunt. People place caches around the world and post the exact coordinates of the cache online. Then other people (like us) look up the coordinates of caches near where we want to be, enter them into our GPS unit, and go find them! We’ve found 4 so far, and looked for another but couldn’t find it. Once you get to the location, you have to really start hunting. Two of the ones we’ve found were in a 35mm film canister; the other two were a little bigger.

When we went to the first location, we didn’t really know what we were doing. We got pretty frustrated. We went to the next one, since it was only a few hundred feet away. We found that one in only a few minutes and the sense of accomplishment was pretty sweet! It definitely gave us the confidence to go back to the first location and try again. It’s pretty addicting, actually. As soon as you find one, you just want to look up another cache and try again.

I’ve already looked up caches in Brookfield and near Pine Lake. Don’t worry, family, you can come, too!

We had to lower the mattress and take out the bumper in Harrison’s crib. He started getting himself to standing from laying down by pulling up on the bumper first.

He’s definitely mobile at this point. He doesn’t do a typical hands-and-knees crawl, but he army crawls with ease and speed! He can cross a room in seconds. He also uses this technique when he’d rather play with… oh, say.. electrical cords or coaxial cables than his toys. He high-tails it across the room to get whatever it is he shouldn’t be playing with.

He’s finally getting better about reading books without eating, scratching, tearing, and punching them. He still gets to beat up on his cloth one, but he’s willing to sit still and look at the pictures in most books.

He has a toy from his cousin Maggie that he just started loving. It has four doors with a different way to open each one. He’s got the hang of twisting and pressing the button and he’s getting better at flipping the switch and sliding the lever. When he twists Slimy, Oscar the Grouch’s trash can flips open. Harrison immediately SLAMS it shut! I haven’t figured out if he just likes shutting it or if he’s got something against Oscar.

He’s still sitting with seven teeth right now, but if the snot, drool and chewing are any indication, number eight should be right around the corner. Luckily for us, he’s still sleeping pretty well. He’s been getting up once to eat after 8 hours, and then sleeping another 2 or so. Those last 2 are usually in the recliner, though. He’s been very snuggly lately and doesn’t want to go back to his own bed alone.

I can’t believe he’s going to be 10 months old next week! He’s turning into such a big boy!

Still sick

The little guy is still pretty sick. I came home early from work today and Brice went in a little late so Harrison didn’t have to go the babysitter today. He’s still running a fever, crabby, and clingy.

Hopefully the doctor can figure out what’s going on with the little peanut and we can get him on the mend!